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Funny video clip - watch out for alligators when you are bungee jumping Funny video clip - why rollerblading off a roof is a bad idea Funny video clip - accidental moped mayhem

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Dont try this at home

Snowmobile accident
Volvo rally car spinning
Watch where you are driving.
Dont stand on the corner
Flipping race car
A lucky flying escape
Shortest ever flight
Snow boarder jumps and ...
How many broken bones?
Careful with those pizzas
Motor bike slide ...
Do not roller blade on a roof
Moped Mayhem
Motorcycle Crash Mayhem
Hungry elephants eat anything
A bull gets his own back
You would be mad to do this
Dont hit the rabbit
Careful with that horse
Where did the little doggy go
Watch out for alligators
Remarkable 2 legged dog
Do not try this at home
Why swim when you can jump?
Belly flop (ouch!)
Bicycles just dont fly
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Funny Sport Videos

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Other Funny Stuff

Dont mess with the ref
Tennis ankle - ouch!
Nasty soccer injury
This makes grown men weep
Referees are not soccer players
Pole vaulting can hurt (a lot)
Is this tackle too high?
Never trust a woman
Her luck seems to have changed
A hot day with no scissors
Watch where you are walking
Spoof diet coke ad
Where did the little guy go?
Bungee jumping with a message
How to keep your kids quiet
A students surprise sneeze
Watch where you ramble
Can women drivers park?
Bud Light (Dont throw pencils)
Don't wake the star
Are all married men like this?
A bad day at the office
Homer at his best
Best of friends?
One for windscreen washers
Anthea Turner (Classic Clip)
What is wrong with the stairs?
Alien animation of I will survive
Dads in public - embarassing
Crafty old men
Classic Only Fools and Horses
Bra Blooper
Whats wrong with this picture? Bad, stoned burglars
Jib Jab This Land - Bush and Kelly parody
Little Britain - BBC Comedy show
Gymnastic Basketball
Eat before you drink
Water bed pranks

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